Education for Sustainability

In response to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), SALcE believes that the critical key to integration and success of sustainable goal is education.

SALcE will assist all organizations in planting seeds of SDGs in the organizational actions and cultures and spread to each employee, family and supply chain partner to cultivate sustainable concept via internal and external education for sustainability and further to help achieve the sustainable goal for organizations.

We will be dedicated to education for sustainability for the internal organization and supply chain. Through the design of five stages, participants will yield resonances and extend the experiences and feedback to the internal organization to enhance the results for education.

Stage 1: Introduce conception and environmental sensitivity
Stage 2: Strengthen knowledge and connotation
Stage 3: Establish ethical value and attitudes
Stage 4: Be equipped with action skills
Stage 5: Apply action experience

Environmental Education for Corporate

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Environmental Education for Supply Chain

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